In 2008, Sleepwalker founders, Matt Jason and Jeremy Sprague, met over beers at Emil’s, on Lansing’s Eastside, to discuss Matt’s dream of opening a distillery in the capital city of Michigan.  Matt and Jeremy knew that Lansing, as the capital of one of the country’s great beer states, deserved its own homegrown beer and whiskey.  Their desire to fill this void, and their love of food and drink led the two to form Sleepwalker.

Sleepwalker is a state of mind.  From the Japanese term for sleepwalker, muyubyo-sha, its products invite customers to turn off the busy part of their day and provide them a space to “dream. play.”


Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale is a community-owned corporation that will be building a brewery and distillery in Lansing. During the summer of 2012 we incorporated, and during the course of 2013, after undergoing an extensive review with the state, we were approved to bring on 100 investors (which is many more than the 25 automatically allowed). At this moment we are made up of over 20 investor-owners, and will most likely be twice that large by the time we fully capitalize and open.

Currently, we are working to open a small “to-go” taproom in the Allen Market Place (AMP) on E. Kalamazoo St. This site will be open a few days a week to fill growlers for takeout, and also sell kegs to local individuals and businesses. This opportunity at the Market Place will enable us to broaden our exposure to the public, as well as bring in capital that will enable us to launch our full-size operation. The partnership at the AMP is a unique opportunity for Sleepwalker and the Allen Neighborhood Center to help advance each other’s mission. That is, to foster the growth of a business that will add to the local economic landscape and help continue to revitalize the urban core.


Matt Jason, President/CEO:

Jeremy Sprague, Vice President for Operations and Marketing: