Pop-up brewery coming to the AMP


Our sign is up, and we’re almost ready to start pouring! Our taproom at the Allen Market Place will be a space for us to wrap-up our capital campaign and bring our beer to Lansing. The Allen Market Place (AMP) is a perfect match for Sleepwalker. With a mission to assist food entrepreneurs and create greater access to local food, the AMP will become the first food hub in Michigan (and one of only a few across the country) to feature its own brewery.


Craft beer lovers will be able to purchase our beer on tap, to go, during the regular time of the Allen Street Farmers Market (2:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.) as well as on Fridays at the same time, and before MSU football home games.



Lansing fresh-hop IPA


Hop season is upon us here in Mid-Michigan, and this year’s bounty is plentiful. Over the weekend we were approached by several folks in the area that were growing hops, and had some to offer. We decided to grab some and whip up a harvest IPA.


Rita O’Brien from the Hunter Park Garden House, and Joe McDaniels were kind enough to offer up some of their hops, just over a pound each of Cascade and Columbus hops. Over two pounds of fresh hops filled a 5 gallon bucket about two-thirds full, and the smell was amazing! As you can see, we used them throughout the brew session, from mash to first wort, and throughout the boil.


The majority of the hops were used as late additions, and by the end of the boil there was an enormous hop oil slick! A little bit is typical when using dry hops, but this was intense. After we whirlpooled, the pile of spent hops was a gooey, sticky mess. Can’t wait to try this one. You may be able to sample one like it soon!